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IFI Provides Filmmakers With Professional Reviews and Tips

Independent Film Institute, aka IFI, provides indie filmmakers with a valuable resource. Their staff comprised of professionals in the various areas of filmmaking complete a detailed evaluation for every filmmaker who submits their film. The filmmaker is provided valuable feedback and tips to improve their film and their craft. Every film is ranked and the top films are invited to IFI as on official selection. Once selected, a bio about the film and filmmakers, along with photos and stills, are added to the “IFI Selections” library on the website. There, fans can read about each film and learn about the filmmakers. IFI offers a variety of memberships. Members can view the trailer and/or the entire film. Members come in different forms from interested movie fans to professionals looking for new talent.

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This is great news! What a great service at a good price. This is just what I need to improve my film.

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