IFI Consultation and Collaboration Services

Nothing is as important as a powerful well-written screenplay. IFI offers consultation and collaborative services to help you dynamically improve your work. We offer consultations for those who have a completed script and just want professional detailed notes and verbal advice. For those who need more help, we can collaborate with you to write or rewrite a portion or all of your script, tighten dialogue and scenes, create vibrant real characters, create tension and drama, add necessary scenes or just as important, suggest scenes or portions to delete, and provide you with new motivation and direction to finish your screenplay.


A script consultant gives writers advice on how to improve their screenplay.

A script consultant provides one or all of the following:

  • Written notes on how to fix the story, characters, dialogue or specific scenes.
  • Verbal feedback. Exchanging and developing ideas with writers over a 30 to 60 minute phone consultation, giving them a fresh perspective and motivation to rewrite the script themselves.


If you have not completed your script and need help getting over the hump or if you just need a rewrite we can help you. Collaborating is a great way to breath new life into your screenplay and to iron out what works and what doesn’t. IFI is passionate about telling great stories that have a thought-provoking message. You can work with our collaborator to write an amazing screenplay. You will keep 100% of the copyright. A screenplay collaboration agreement will be sent to you upon your purchase of our services. A screenplay collaboration agreement simply documents how parties will collaborate on the writing of a screenplay.

For example, you might want the IFI collaborator just to work on dialogue while you write the action or vice versa. Maybe you need to bring your characters to life but don’t know how or perhaps you’re missing a critical scene. IFI can create that for you. Regardless of how small or big the scope of your needs, IFI wants to help.

All we require is film credit and fees range depending on the scope of work and length of your script. You can see all the breakdowns by clicking the button below. On that page, look on the right side under Categories & Fees and click on the category that pertains to your script for all the information and to submit your script.