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Independent Film Institute, aka IFI, was created to provide a quality venue for filmmakers to present quality works that illustrate mastery of the craft. The mission of IFI is to provide filmmakers with a platform to connect, learn, and reach people with quality stories via the video and film craft. Our films not only entertain but encourage conversation. We are proud to be an official fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project. IFI honors American veterans and talented film makers in numerous other ways.

There are many reasons why you should advertise with us.

As a new streaming service, our traffic is growing. Therefore our rates are the most affordable they will ever be and the price is likely to increase along with our traffic. Right now, we are offering lock-in rates to all businesses who advertise with us so they can continue to receive the best deal online for years to come. Our core user demographics are somewhat vast because they combine the audiences of a couple different industries. They compare greatly to other online streaming services, film festivals, and entertainment venues. That means that our viewers are diverse because everyone likes movies. That said, the largest percentage of our members are 18-30 year olds who are interested in film making and alternative entertainment. They are often college educated and tend to span many racial and political groups, given the nature of our films. Evidence shows that a growing number of people are not interested in limiting their entertainment to Hollywood movies, cable programming, and the standards. They want real, low budget, independent films that range in content and running time. Many do not have time to watch a feature movie of two hours. They like shorter films, documentaries, and other forms of entertainment that impact them quickly. Our site provides that. We have a tremendous variety of content, from shorts under five minutes to documentaries to music videos to animated films. They are all highly entertaining, thought-provoking, and represent the best the craft has to offer.

Our ad sizes range from 2X3 inches all the way to 5X6. Unlike many sites, we do not charge per click, per impressions, or per interaction. We make it simple. We offer flat rate ad spots for whatever term works best for you. This allows you to know your advertising cost without guessing from click to click or month to month.

You can provide a link to any page you own, provide coupons or discounts, and drive our users directly to your products or services without paying us any referral fees or percentages of your sales.

Again, we simply charge a reasonable fair flat rate for whatever term you are comfortable with.

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