A Brave Hope is the inspirational story about an ordinary person overcoming extraordinary circumstances, and she did so by relying on faith, hope, and love. Rebekah Hughes learned to find joy and purpose despite the pain caused by the family turmoil of divorce, domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, abandonment, and death.

At 23, Rebekah was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. After a yearlong battle, she had defeated the cancer. At 27, she got married, and eight months into her new marriage, her dreams were crushed when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and given just months to live. She wouldn’t accept that prognosis, though. She chose to fight; she chose to live. This is the remarkable story of a couple whose choice of life and love, faith and hope, helped them conquer the seemingly impossible.

Raw and real, heartbreaking and humorous, this documentary will inspire you to believe that no matter what you’re facing, there is always hope. Rebekah’s hope is not mere wishful thinking, a positive attitude, or naive optimism. Her hope is real and absolute hope that cannot be shattered or stolen.

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